Automotive Insights – Canadian EV Information and Analysis Q3 2022

Automotive Insights – Canadian EV Information and Analysis Q3 2022

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HighlightsIn Canada, patterns in zero-emission automobiles (ZEV = BEV and
PHEV) got drastically for all light car registrations as
of quarter 3 2022. ZEVs represent one out of every 12 new vehicles signed up in
Canada. ZEVs market share increased to 8.4% for 2022, up from 5.3%.
in the previous period.The market share of battery electric cars (BEV) increased.
to 6.5%, with volume increasing by 56.0% year over year. Year over.
year, overall ZEV volume increased by 38.8%. National Enhanced Fuel Type TrendWhen compared to Q3 2021 year to date, new automobile registrations.
have actually fallen by 12.5% total and the combined volume of xEV light.
cars (EV/PHEV/HEV/ FCEV) increased by 14.7% since Q3 2022. xEVs.
now account for 15.2% of all brand-new registrations; while standard.
ICE cars account for 84.8%. More contrasts of Q3 2022 versus the previous year program.
PHEVs and bevs saw volume gains (25,368 and 287), while HEV and.
FCEV each saw volume declines.Inventory constraints continue to contribute on brand-new car.
registrations. In spite of the restrictions, BEV adoption rates continue.
to have and increase doubled from Q3 2021 (3.7%). Download the complete Canadian EV.
Insights report and register to get future installments.

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